Monocl was originally founded in 2011 but has over the years resulted in the foundation, investment and acquisitions of multiple companies. Monocl Strategy & Communication has been profitable and grown organically since it was formed in 2014. Four years later, in 2018, we have a track record of having worked with roughly 60 different clients in the various fields of Life Science. Our experience ranges across all indication areas but with a higher representation in oncology, inflammation, autoimmunity, CNS and infectious diseases.

Overall, we have delivered just short of 50 asset/portfolio valuations that have been used for asset licensing, company acquisition, investment negotiation and preparation for IPOs. However, we have probably done at least twice as many market opportunity analysis projects covering everything from immuno-oncology, rare diseases, cell & gene therapies, specific receptor target landscapes, point-of-care technologies, RNA platforms, CROs/CDMOs, investors, Big Pharma portfolio strategies and much more.

It is fair to say that we are Life Science generalists specialized in business development, valuation and communication in the Nordics. Our ambition is to maintain a healthy mix of long-term partnerships and shorter client engagements. We thrive when our clients succeed.

Why do our clients keep coming back?

It is simple, because of our team! We are a diverse bunch of ambitious, hard-working and energetic people with a fervor for the Life Science industry. While we come from different backgrounds, we share a passion with our clients to drive the future of medicine.

We are Monocl Strategy & Communication

Tobias Thornblad

CEO & Partner

Tove Bergenholt

COO & Communication Director

Julia Fransson

Project Director

Björn Carlsson


Okee Williams

Senior Management Consultant

Jihua Liu

Senior Management Consultant

Paola Jo

Management Consultant

Reza Motalleb

Senior Communication Associate

Paula Salme Sandrak

Business Analyst

Axel Desaix

Business Analyst

Robert Ljungberg

Business Analyst

Felix Mossberg

Analyst Intern

Anna Olsson

Communication Intern

Shadali Singh

Analyst Intern

Monika Vedin

Senior External Consultant

Caroline Pamp

Legal Counsel

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