Empowering biotechs with
life science intelligence

to strike deals, partner and attract investments

Monocl is a strategy consulting firm specialized on the Life Science industry.
We partner with small and medium sized biotech companies to provide a
competitive edge with lasting business impact.


Monocl is a Life Science strategy
and management consulting firm

We understand the business issues facing smaller biotech companies and have specialized on this segment. Our core business is to support management and company board decisions by creating tailored solutions to challenging business issues and by crafting strategies to drive business development. Typically this means providing business development support to strike deals for assets in preclinical to clinical phase II development, but also involves making clients attractive for investors and partners.


Who we work with

Executives and decision-makers who work with Monocl have a track-record of success. Just like us, they know what it takes to win and are not afraid of meeting the challenges facing them. To become true business leaders, they strive for leverage by not doing everything on their own. It’s never crowded on the extra mile, and together we go there. It is easy to tell who stays a Monocl client and who does not.

Why Monocl?
  • Our dedication to small Life Science companies assures relevant industry insights and state-of-the-art expertise tailored for your specific needs.
  • We make sure your company is strategically positioned and more professionally packaged towards your potential acquirers, investors and competitors.
  • No matter what your project is, our team will always walk that extra mile to maximize your chances to succeed.



Just like your day to day activities,
there is no such thing as a standard project

In essence, we deliver actionable results customized for your needs. Our methodology always starts by getting an in-depth understanding of your situation and envision probable business scenarios before delving into the task at hand. Business functions where many of our clients get leverage from partnering with Monocl include;

  • Business/investment plan development
  • Portfolio and drug program valuation
  • Market research



What do clients ask us?

Most commonly, clients first contact us to achieve a concrete outcome – such as creating a business plan, putting a dollar value on an asset portfolio, finding a license partner or writing an investment memorandum – but after delivery most of these projects grow into continuous partnerships. Our consultants become trusted allies when clients want to test new ideas, determine strategic directions and drive change. Questions may include;

  • What will the value of our hepatitis B drug be if marketed in the ten biggest Asian countries?
  • How can we reposition our business plan to attract a venture capital investment?
  • What oncology player provides the best strategic fit for our cell therapy?
  • How can we build an orphan drug strategy based on our current animal data?
  • What is the biggest unmet medical need we can address to achieve high market penetration?

We bring cross-functional experience from multiple areas of the Life Science industry, and since strategic solutions cannot be stored on a shelf; we create the solution based on your specific situation. To discuss how our team can help your business, please contact us.