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Evolving European regulations pave the way for the world’s largest cannabis market

The cannabis market is booming. In 2018 alone, worldwide deals struck within the space totaled at 13.7 billion USD, up a whopping 875% compared to the previous year. In point of fact, the European cannabis market is foreseen to explode and become bigger than the U.S. and Canada markets together, with an estimated annual medical cannabis market value of 58 billion EUR by 2028.  Read more here …

April 20, 2019

Client Cases

Our success depends on how well our clients perform. We are here to equip them with the right tools and empower them with the right insight, so they confidently can strike deals, partnerships and attract investments.


We work with great entrepreneurs, innovators and pioneers. This means that we are always looking for new talents with proven track records as highly organized, service minded goal achievers with can-do attitudes.

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We understand the business issues facing smaller biotech companies and share a passion with our clients to drive the future of medicine.

We support leaders with actionable recommendations and insights with a fervor and razor-sharp focus. Our approach is doing so by creating tailored solutions to challenging business issues and crafting strategies to achieve business goals and brand visibility. Whether it is business development, asset valuation or communication, we are a reliable partner that always walk that extra mile.

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